Memo: New additions to the JSU family

July 1st, 2011 by andisites

July 1, 2011

Dear JSU Family:

First, please accept my best wishes for a delightful Fourth of July long weekend!  Be safe and enjoy.  Next, thank you to each of you for helping me learn about Jackson State University during this first six months here.  It has been and continues to be a

Dr. Carolyn Meyers, president of Jackson State University

delightful and productive journey.  Your accomplishments are impressive, your fine reputation well deserved, and the commitment to the University exemplary.

We live in an age of rapid and continuous change, one full of promise and opportunities.  To realize some of those promises and to seize appropriate opportunities for the University we must continuously learn, assess, redesign, and assess again.  After all we want to thrive in this twenty-first century and to lead in the redesign of the higher education landscape.

To do this, I have spent much of the time talking to people and friends of the University about our future.  Remember the listening sessions and the state tours.  We will continue these practices as we move forward during this new fiscal year.  As we go forward I am pleased to announce the following changes and new faces, both of which I feel will be immensely helpful during fiscal year 2012.  Status and responsibility changes include the following:

-Ms. Adrienne Swinney, promotion from Assistant Athletic Director to Associate Athletic Director,

-Mr. Tyrone Kidd, promotion from Interim Police Chief to Police Chief,

-Mr. Michael Thomas, promotion from Interim Vice President for Business and Finance to Vice President for Business and Finance,

-Dr. Marcus Chanay, promotion from Associate Vice President for Student Life to Vice President for Student Life,

-and Robert Walker, currently Interim Athletic Director (until the new one is named) to Director of the Office of Community Relations.

Please join me in congratulating each of these individuals and I thank you in advance for giving your best in working with each of them.

Joining the Jackson State University family are the following new faces:

-Dr. James C. Renick, Senior Executive Assistant to the President, Special Initiatives,

-Ms. Ruby Jayne Carlson, Executive Assistant to the President’s Office,

-and Mr. David Hoard, Vice President for University Advancement.

Please join me in welcoming them to Tiger Country.

As you are aware we have two important active searches underway, one for the Athletic Director, and one for the University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Let me take this time to thank the respective chairs and committee members of each search for their time and diligence in securing the best candidates available for these positions.  As soon as these searches are completed, we will announce the outcomes.  Other searches are planned for the fall in respect for the concerns of the faculty and staff.

Again, please remember that these are just the start of the repositioning and realigning we must do to keep our promise of providing all who attend JSU with what they deserve: the best education possible.  We will continue.  Together we can assure all that this promise is kept.

Happy Fourth!!!


Carolyn W. Meyers, President



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