Homecoming message

October 15th, 2013 by jacksonstate

Dear Faculty and Staff of Jackson State University:

I just want to share with you my recent reflections about the role we play in our students’ lives.  Last week I met with the SGA Executive Committee.  I asked one simple question,  “What makes Jackson State University special to you?”  Each young person there replied with different, yet heartfelt, statements that you – the faculty and staff – make JSU a special place because you help nurture their needs and dreams.  Your warmth and sincerity in the promise of making dreams come true does not go unnoticed.  And guess what, many want to be like you – the ultimate compliment.

Sometimes when I take a break from the computer and paperwork, I listen to music.  Today I thought of you as I enjoyed the miracle of talent unveiled. That’s what you do – uncover talent and enable our students to perform and be respected all over the planet.  You make sure, to paraphrase the lyrics in Les Miserables, that life doesn’t kill the dreams of our students. You give them every day the confidence to perform and live well.

Thank you for being JSU at its finest. Please enjoy the 2013 Homecoming festivities. You deserve it!


Carolyn W. Meyers

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