Pre-Service Full Scholarships, Stipends and Fee Payments

Project MAST (NSF funded) through the Department of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences and Geosciences will offer significant financial aid to bright Physics and Earth System Science majors who commit to teach three years in Mississippi. Students will receive full scholarship, including tuition and books. Test taking and certification fees will be paid as well. Potential scholarship recipients can apply by:

Completing and application form
Writing a statement of academic and professional objectives
Providing official transcripts
Providing three community service and academic references (non-family members)
Mail application materials to:

Mrs. Debra Divinity
14oo Lynch Street
P.O. Box 17450
Jackson, MS 39217

Aspiring teachers must meet the following criteria to receive the scholarship:

For students who have completed at least one semester at JSU: cumulative math/science coursework GPA 3.0;
For students graduating from high school: GPA 3.0 or higher and an ACT score of 21 or equivalent SAT score;
For transfer students: cumulative and math/science coursework GPA 3.0

To maintain the scholarships, students must:

Conduct research with departmental faculty members
Undertake professional development/community service
Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA
Attend seminars and conferences
Present in seminars and conferences
Fulfill all requirements for obtaining teacher certification