College of Public Service Expands Recycling Program to Downtown Campus

November 16th, 2016 by jsudurp

The College of Public Service under the leadership of Dean Ricardo A. Brown takes the lead in expanding the Jackson State University's Recycling Program to the Downtown Campus.  According to Dean Brown, "It is time for us to spread the message of recycling and sustainability throughout the university's five campuses."  As of May 2016, a successful, comprehensive recycling initiative exhists alreadyat the JSU Medical Mall Campus.  Various materials such as cardboard, office paper, magazines, newspaper, and plastic bottles were  Allen Recycling Inc. of Canton, MS is processing the recyclables before selling them to industries which convert them to newly manufactured items like egg carton and recycled paper.  

Visiting assistant professor, Dr. Moe Chowdhury of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning manages the program.  He will oversee both sites at each of the campuses.  In addition, he brings more than 20 years of experience in solid waste management.  

Recycling bins for the Downtown Campus were purchased using the Creative Awards Grant for Faculty and Staff.  Facilities and Construction Management provided the labels for the larger 90-gallon bins.  Smaller seven gallon or 90 gallon bins will be located in the classrooms, computer labs, and copy rooms.  

January 2017 is the anticipated start date for the Downtown Campus Recycling Program upon completion of a waste audit and promotional campaign.  The waste audit will determine how much trash is generated, what are the marketable recyclables and the composition of the waste stream at the Downtown Campus.  Findings will assist in determining the market value of recyclables and overall reduction of trash destined for landfills.  JSU faculty, staff, and students will be encouraged to recycle after the formal announcement during the January College of Public Service meeting.  A separate web page on this site will stress the need to recycle and which items are recyclable is coming soon! 


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