The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)@ JSU


Dr. Preselfannie McDaniels
QEP Director, 2016-2017
QEP Coordinator 2013-2015
Associate Professor, English

Ms. Demetrice Dixon
Administrative Assistant
QEP Office


The Global Inquiry Faculty Teaching Seminar (GIFTSeminar) was a four-week faculty development institute. GIFTS faculty participated in at least five hours of daily in-class training during the four-week seminar. Seminar participants were required to maintain a journal of their experiences/readings/discussions during the institute. A  peer-reviewed, faculty written text delivered throught the lends of analytical questions constituted their assignments.  All assignments were written and graded by the institute director, co-facilitators, and by faculty peers.  Most assignments also required correctness of oral expression, felicity, good listening skills, and the ability to persuade and be persuaded by others’ written and spoken word. Three-hour morning sessions and two hour afternoon sessions were required. 

Moreover, the analytical queries were the narratives of primary interrogation for teachers during the institute and subsequent analytical exercises and case studies for first and second year students in Honors Colloquia and/or University Success classes.  Faculty assigned to teach University Success sections must have excelled during the GIFTSeminar.  Furthermore, GIFTS faculty concentrated on the development of teaching methodologies and materials, focusing on analytical reasoning skills in a global context and utilized technologies that open their classrooms to students on campus and elsewhere in the world. Through seminar sessions, discussions with national and international facilitators, and seminar assignments, GIFTS faculty developed the text, Foundations in Global Inquiry.  This text features interactive teaching materials, web-based support and student engagement strategies focused on the development of analytical reasoning skills through the context of global inquiry.  During the second, third and subsequent years of the teacher institute, Notes on Global Inquiry will be drafted by the faculty corps.  Notes will reflect teachers’ thoughts and ideas about lessons learned from the project, and the environment necessary to sustain rigorous global education.