Dr. Preselfannie McDaniels
QEP Director, 2016-2017
QEP Coordinator 2013-2015
Associate Professor, English

Ms. Demetrice Dixon
Administrative Assistant
QEP Office


 Course Instruction:

Instructors of the QEP UNIV 100 courses come from the cohorts of faculty who have been trained in the Global Inquiry Faculty Teaching Seminar (GIFTS) Program. Instructors are provided with a basic instructional guide by the QEP Coordinator, which provides major directions for the structure and requirements for the course. Instructors also receive directives from the First-Year Experience Program Director, Mrs. Patricia Sheriff Taylor. Just like the traditionally structured UNIV 100 sections, students in the QEP UNIV 100 sections also attend required sessions: iPad initiative (distribution and training), community/service learning requirements, library orientation, Black College Day, Constitution Day, Founders’ Day, and early registration and advisement sessions. Some sections also include presentations by the Retention Services coordinator, Richard Wright Writing Center coordinator, Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO Center, Margaret Walker Research Center, Career Services and Student Employment Center, and various campus art galleries and cultural outlets; these were optional sessions.

QEP UNIV 100 sections begin with an Orientation Unit, and then Units 2 and 3 are designed by the assigned GIFTS-trained instructor. Instructors are asked to provide an instructional report and instructional samples. Units taught have included 1) Music, History, and Race, 2) Culture and Citizenship, 3) Freedom Summer, 4) Money Management Tumblr Blog, 5) The Baby Trade, 6) Analyzing the Facts of the 1974 Shootings at JSU, 7) “American Tongues”: A Study of U.S. Dialects and African American Vernacular, and 8) Social Media and New Media.

Data Collection for QEP UNIV 100 sections:

Via Qualtrics, students enrolled in the QEP UNIV 100 sections are administered the QEP pre-test and QEP post-test, with results being stored according to student J-numbers. The pre and post tests are secured from the QEP Director, Dr. Robert Blaine. This is an assessment of analytical reasoning, and the student’s possible gain in this area after experiencing the course is what is measured.

Instructors of the QEP UNIV 100 sections are requested to provide an end-of-semester report and supporting documents. That report includes the following:

·      List of instructional unit topics,

·      List of learning outcomes,

·      List of teaching strategies,

·      List of instructional materials,

·      List of formative assignments/activities (not graded),

·      List of summative assignments/activities (graded),

·      Sample course syllabus/outline(s) and rubrics used.