October 2017
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RCMI Program Administration

dr-paige  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA yalanda
Dr. Rod Paige
JSU Interim President
Dr. Paul Tchounwou
Program Director
CSET Associate Dean & Distinguished Professor  
Mrs. Yalanda Barner
Program Manager 


The primary function of the Administrative Core of the CEH is to provide oversight of all RCMI program activities including fiscal, budgetary, organizational, planning, evaluation, research implementation, infrastructure development, and technology transfer.  The core is responsible for the general administration and coordination of all RCMI program activities including the enhancement of existing core facilities, the implementation of faculty development activities, and the implementation of pilot research projects.  This component is also responsible for conducting periodic assessments to identify needs and opportunities, to seek insight and advice from the internal and external advisory committees, and to create an integrated work environment that fosters the development of high quality biomedical research and education.

Therefore, the specific aims of the Administrative Core are:

  1. To provide leadership for defining, prioritizing and setting the infrastructure development, and research goals of the RCMI program.
  2. To provide day to day financial and administrative management of the activities and functions of the RCMI Program.
  3. To coordinate the activities of the internal and external advisory committees.
  4. To develop and implement strategies for achieving the RCMI Program goals.
  5. To direct the implementation of research activities and essential technologies as they relate to the development of core research facilities.
  6. To facilitate the implementation of workshops and seminar series aimed at enhancing the biomedical research skills of RCMI investigators.
  7. To evaluate the operational activities of core facilities and the effectiveness of pilot research projects.
  8. To strengthen and support intra and inter-institutional biomedical research collaborations among RCMI investigators with other JSU faculty and with scientists from other institutions.