Director of Sponsored Programs

Sonja Robinson

Sonja Robinson
Director, Sponsored Programs

Sonja Robinson currently serves as Director of Sponsored Programs with over 20 years of pre and post award experience.  During a 20-year span, she has been instrumental in facilitating the overall grantsmanship process.  She works with faculty and staff by providing guidance in their research efforts.  This support has helped to advance the University's mission through the pursuit, acquisition and management of external funding.  The Sponsored Programs Unit submits over 150 proposals annually and manages more than 400 active projects.  In addition, she is responsible for negotiating, managing and developing subcontracts on behalf of the University.  By collaborating with other entities, the University receives over $10 million annually in subcontract activities.

She strives to provide a supportive environment for conducting research and sponsored programs, as well as making sure that the University is in compliance with internal and external regulations.

A native of Greenville, MS, Sonja is a Certified Grants Specialist and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from JSU.