Research Security

On this site you will find information on Security, International Travel, Facility Visits, and Counter Intelligence issues. Our goal is to assist faculty, staff and students comply with applicable federal, state, and institutional requirements and policies relative to national security and export control issues.

Jackson State is a cleared defense contractor or CDC, and must adhere and implement the rules and regulations contained in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual or NISPOM. The National Industrial Security Program governs all commercial firms, universities and colleges that perform work on classified and/or controlled but unclassified (sensitive) contracts for the U.S. Government for designated agencies

Our goal is to assist you with any security and export control requirements. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ora C. Rawls, Ph.D.
Security Manager/Export Control Officer

Research Security and Export Control
is located at the MS e-Center @ Jackson State University
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