Scholars Inducted

November 14th, 2012 by admin

The first meeting of the Academy for Research and Scholarly Engagement was held Friday October 26, 2012. The meeting was attended by the associate provost, vice-presidents, deans and chairs from all the disciplines represented by the scholars.

The meeting began with an induction ceremony for 40 scholars who were accepted by the Academy. They pledged to adhere to the Academy’s requirements including responding to a Request for Proposals by a state, federal or private agency.

Following the ceremony, Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young, CEO of Powerful Education Technologies and director of the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, made a presentation Establishing a Research and Scholarly Agenda.

She told the participants that a good research and scholarly agenda includes doing the following every year: having two to three journal publications, presenting papers at two to three professional conferences and publishing the work, mentoring two to three graduate students and collaborating two to three times with someone in another university. In addition she mentioned that a scholar needs to have two grants funded at all times.

She also said, “A good proposal is a good idea, well expressed, with a clear indication of methods for pursuing the idea, evaluating the findings, making them known to all who need to know, and indicating the broader impacts of the activity.”

During her presentation the participants began working on interactive exercises to develop the blueprint and roadmap for their research and scholarly agenda. Their homework for the week included completing the blueprint and the roadmap, and revising the initial narrative and concept paper.

Participants left the meeting with the clear understanding that for them to be successful in achieving their goals, a significant weekly time commitment is required.

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