Academy Curriculum Design and Delivery

The purpose of the academy curriculum is to advance the careers of promising young researchers and emerging scholars by ensuring that they establish a compelling research agenda, participate in a community of scholars, and obtain external funding. The advancement of these scholars will benefit the individual scholars and the entire JSU community, including both undergraduate and graduate students. Participants will be encouraged to include support for both undergraduate and graduate researchers in their budgets. In addition, participants will clearly indicate how the proposed research activities integrate with and/or support their teaching.

The JSU Academy for Research and Scholarly Engagement will consist of an academic-year program that will include a series of workshops, coaching through the entire grant writing process with an individual Academy Coach, and scheduled interactions with program officers from funding agencies and foundations. Each faculty participant will be paired with an Academy Coach who is selected from active researchers at JSU.

Each participant will commit to:

  • *  Development and submission of a Research and Scholarly Agenda approved by the Academy Lead, an Academy Coach, Department Chair, and College Dean;
  • *  Full participation in all workshops and meetings;
  • *  Working with a class of scholars across multiple disciplines and at multiple career stages as writing partners/peer reviewers;
  • *  Submission of bi-monthly assignments to coaches; and
  • *  Submission of a competitive proposal to a funding agency in response to a Request For Proposals (RFP).

There will be an open online application process for faculty participants, which will require a letter of nomination from the candidate’s dean, chair or director.

Benefits to Participants include:

  • *  An opportunity to significantly enhance one's proposal writing skills;
  • *  Participation in a community of scholars from multiple disciplines across JSU;
  • *  Opportunities to interact with and obtain coaching from distinguished colleagues who have excelled in obtaining funding for their Research and Scholarly Agendas;
  • *  Funded opportunities to engage with program officers from federal agencies and foundations to discuss your Research and Scholarly Agenda and concept for funding; and
  • *  A $3,000.00 summer stipend for those who actively participate and successfully submit their proposal.