Center for University Scholars


In 2012-2013, the Center for University Scholars re-initiated the University Scholars Program, supported the inaugural year of the Research and Scholarly Engagement Academy and initiated the Brown Bag Research Talk Series.  Faculty leveraged the support of the Center into productive years for themselves.

During this period, the Center

* Identified two books and 41 articles published by 28 faculty members who received support from the Center.

* Re-initiated the University Scholars Program with eight full fellowships and one partial fellowship.  Three University Scholars have submitted their projects for publication ahead of schedule.

* Awarded 24 graduate assistantships.  Center-supported faculty published three co-authored articles and presented eleven co-authored presentations with students.  

* Subsidized faculty travel to present research for 71 JSU faculty members on 85 trips.

*  Supported the new Research and Scholarly Engagement Academy in assisting faculty in developing proposals for external funding.  Of the 38 member cohort, sixteen have submitted grant proposals and three were funded with a total of $520,797.

* Initiated the brown bag research talk series for faculty members to present their research and spark interdisciplinary research collaboration.  In its inaugural year, there were ten presenters.

* Continued to host the tenure and promotion workshops.