Center for University Scholars

University Scholars Program

The Center for University Scholars will not request applications for the University Scholars Program during the 2014-2015 academic year.

About the Program

The University Scholars program nurtures and encourages the research productivity of junior faculty members by supporting research leading to peer-reviewed publication and supplementing that grant with workshops designed to help them to develop, implement and fund their research agendas.


*  Participate in a series of spring semester workshops focused on launching their research agendas;

*  Conduct their research during the summer months with access to an external research mentor;

* Synthesize their work in a working paper;present their research at the University Scholars Symposium; and

* Commit to submitting their work for peer-reviewed publication within the year.


* Summer salary of $10,000 for the principal investigator.  (A second investigator may be included and will receive a summer salary.  However, the workload in the project must justify the need for a second investigator.  The Center will privilege interdisciplinary pairings among such proposals.)

* Summer research assistantship for a student enrolled full-time in a JSU graduate program during the study period.

* Supplies and equipment deemed necessary for this project up to $1,000.