2008 University Scholars

Mohammed Ali
Department of Technology
In Vitro Investigation of the Electrostatic Charge Effect on Deposition of Asthma Drug Metered Dose Inhaler in the Oral-Pharyngeal-Laryngeal Region of Human Respiratory Airways

Zikri Arslan
Department of Chemistry
Investigating Safety and Biocompatibility of CdSe Nanoparticles In Vivo

Wellington Ayensu

Department of Biology
Effects of Exposure to Low Concentrations of Mercury on Glycine Alpha-3, -6 GABA-A Chloride and Glutamate-Gated Channel Receptors in the HepG2 Cell Line in Culture

Lecretia Buckley
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics Teacher Education: A Case for Democratic Mathematics Teacher Education

Jaehwa Choi
Department of Chemistry
Synthesis and Application of a Ratiometric Fluorescent Nanoparticle Calcium Sensor

Edwin Cruz-Rivera
Department of Biology
Intraspecific Variation in Both Consumer and Prey: Causes and Consequences for Cyanobacterial-Grazer Interactions in Coral Reefs

Djiby Fall
Department of Mathematics
Energy Decay for Wave Equations in Exterior Domains

Hyun Chong Kim
Department of Art
Free Forms of Nature

Natarajan Meghanathan
Department of Computer Science
Development of a Location Prediction Based On-Demand Routing Protocol to Minimize the Number of Route Discoveries and Hop Count per Path in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Hyung Lae Park
Department of Political Science
Domination, Cooperation or Conflict in Executive-Legislative Relations in Korea Focusing on the Role of Prime Minister

Dmitri Sobolev
Department of Biology
Investigation of Diel Gene Expression Patterns in the Marine Environment: Implications of short-Term Microbial Community Responses for Long-Term Metagenome Change and Nitrogen Cycling

Elizabeth Claire Stammerjohan
Department of Management and Marketing
A Conceptual Framework of the Impact of Interorganizational Relationship Factors on the New Service Development Offerings of Third Party Logistics Providers

David Ware
Department of Music
The King of the Chitlin' Circuit: The Life and Music of Bobby Rush