RFP: University Scholars Program

RFP: University Scholars Program

The Jackson State University Center for University Scholars announces the 2013 University Scholars Program to nurture research productivity of junior faculty members.  It supports research leading to peer-reviewed publication and the enhancement of skills necessary to develop and actualize research agendas.


All full-time, tenure-track junior faculty members may apply.  Previous University Scholars recipients may apply as long as they did not receive University Scholars support  in the summer of 2010 or 2009.  Successful recipients must not have teaching or external research duties during the summer of 2013.  Faculty  who hold a 12-month administrative position are not eligible.


Summer salary of $10,000 for the principal investigator.  (A second investigator may be included and will receive a summer salary.  However, the workload in the project must justify the need for a second investigator.  The Center will privilege interdisciplinary pairings among such proposals.)
Summer research assistantship for a student enrolled full-time in a JSU graduate program during the study period.
Supplies and equipment deemed necessary for this project up to $1,000.


The Center expects each University Scholar to make a substantial and intellectually significant contribution to his field or discipline, to disseminate his or her findings in peer-reviewed publications and to integrate the results of the project into undergraduate courses.

Specifically, each University Scholar must

  1. Participate in a series of four spring semester workshops focused on launching their research agendas,
  2. Devote himself or herself full-time to the project during June and July of 2013,
  3. Submit a working draft of the paper to the Center by October 1, 2013,
  4. Present his or her research at the University Scholars Symposium during November 2013,
  5. Submit the work to a peer-reviewed journal by May 2014, and
  6. Submit a one-page report by May 2014 describing the results of the project.

Restrictions and Conditions

  • The recipient must not hold any teaching or other service-rendering appointments during the grant period (June – July 2013).
  • Acknowledgment of the source of support must be included in any publication resulting from the project funded by this grant.  (Grant recipients are requested to provide the Center with copies of publications or announcements of presentations resulting from this grant.)

Application Materials

  • - Completed Application Form
  • - Proposal Narrative
  • - Project Budget and Justification
  • - Applicant’s CV or Resume
  • - Reference letter that speaks to the merits of the project and the capabilities of the applicant.
  • - Support letter from the mentor agreeing to participate.

Application Deadline

The application and supporting materials listed above must be received no later than September 21, 2012.  If you do not receive confirmation that the Center has received your application, please contact us at 601 979-6949 or jsucus@jsums.edu.  An incomplete and/or late application may not be considered for funding.

Review Process

Each proposal will be vetted internally to ensure that it merits being reviewed externally.  If the proposal is not sent forward for external review, the applicant will be notified and provided a rationale.  Each proposal will be reviewed and scored externally.

Proposal Narrative Guidelines

The proposal must be in narrative form and be no longer than ten double-spaced pages with font type no smaller than 11pt. The narrative should be written such that a non- specialist can understand it in plain language and free of jargon. It should be clearly focused, well organized and cover the following areas:

  1. the nature and objectives of the project including the specific problem to be investigated, the importance of the problem and the difference the expected results of the project will make;
  2. the analytical framework for the project including the basic ideas or research questions to be explored, the approach to be taken and the relationship of the proposed project to the broader literature on the subject;
  3. the plan and method(s) of research including the specific data collection and analysis tasks to be performed, a timeline for performing those tasks and an explanation of the particular methods were selected;
  4. the significance of the research to the field and/or discipline;
  5. the plans to disseminate the findings and attract external continuation funds including venues for publication and presentation and agencies or entities likely to provide additional material support; and
  6. a bibliography or reference list.

Budget Guidelines

The maximum budget request is $1,000.  It does not include salaries, those numbers are fixed for the principal investigator and for the assistantship.  Equipment, supplies and miscellaneous items must be ordered through the Center.  The Center does not provide purchasing authority to successful applicants.  All requests must be directly related to this project.  Title to and ownership of equipment purchases is vested in JSU and the applicant’s department/unit or the Center for University Scholars, not the successful applicant.  The Center will not pay for fringe benefits, tuition and fees, journal subscriptions, office equipment, computer time or computer supplies.

Reference and Mentor Information

Both the mentor and the writer of the reference letter must be distinguished scholars in the project’s field or discipline with significant research experience evidenced by publication history and reputation.  Neither may be employed or otherwise affiliated with Jackson State University.