Mission Statement

The School of Journalism and Media Studies (SJMS) at Jackson University is the only one housed at a historically black college or university in the state of Mississippi. Jackson State is the seventh out of 106 HBCUs in the nation to have a school of journalism, media or communication. Only two other universities in Mississippi, The University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi, have a School of Journalism or Mass Communication.


The mission of the Jackson State University School of Journalism and Media Studies is to educate and train students interested in multimedia journalism, media production, and integrated marketing.  The SJMS is dedicated to the development of journalists and media professionals who demonstrate accuracy, fairness and technological competence. Students are trained to be professional delivery systems of information and learn the basic principles of journalistic writing, production and multimedia platforms for the digital age. The quality of curricula in JSU’s School of Journalism and Media Studies is designed to accomplish the mission and produce skilled journalism and multimedia practitioners.

The JSU School of Journalism and Media Studies is located at 1230 Raymond Road at the Mississippi e-Center @ JSU.  The SJMS offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.  The Founding Dean is Elayne H. Anthony, Ph.D.

About the School of Journalism and Media Studies

  • The JSU School of Journalism and Media Studies offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication and a Master of Science degree in Mass Communication.
  • Enrollment is approximately 200 undergraduates and 44 graduate students.
  • JSU has a noteworthy mass communication academic program, two television stations, one radio station, a weekly student newspaper, and a student-produced magazine. The major focus of the School is to become a national leader in producing high quality multimedia journalists and mass communicators.
  • Current concentrations are integrated marketing, media production and multimedia journalism. Sequences to be added to the School will include sports media, advertising and public relations. New offerings will include a course in media literacy and social media.
  • Courses relate to specializations in editing and graphic design, electronic communication (television and radio broadcasting), multimedia journalism, photojournalism, reporting, integrated marketing and public relations.
  •  The School has three labs:  video, design, and journalism; plus the remote equipment that allows students to complete multimedia projects.
  • Students write, edit and produce content for the closed-circuit and commercial television stations as well as participate in practicum experiences at the radio and television stations and student publications.
  • The School consists of professional media managers, full-time faculty members with expertise in the sequence areas of multimedia journalism, media production and integrated marketing, adjunct faculty who are current or former media practitioners, and 20 advisory board members.

For information, call 601-979-2151 or send an email to journalism.mediastudies@jsums.edu.


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