Program Activities

Professional Development Program for STEM Teachers

  1. Saturday Academy Program: This program engages WHS science and mathematics teachers in designed lectures and laboratory exercises on integrated learning systems.
  2. Summer Research Program (SRP): The SRP goals are to provide opportunities for WHS teachers to further: (a) participate in multi/interdisciplinary STEM research projects; (b) improve teacher quality in STEM areas; and (c) ultimately develop a highly competent STEM workforce for the 21st century.
  3. Seminar Series: Though our NIH-funded Center for Environmental Health, and the newly funded DoD-Center of Excellence in STEM Education, a significant number of scientific seminars and workshops clearly tailored to the multidisciplinary STEM education are being implemented. Faculty, teachers and students as well as the general public benefit from the interactions, knowledge and experiences shared by distinguished scientists and engineers.

Science and Mathematics Enrichment Program for K9-12 Students

  1. This activity is based on an Extended Day Academy Program that includes 3 afternoons per week from 4:00 to 6:00pm. It is focused on the enhancement of specific science, mathematics, computer applications and communication skills to foster creative thinking, effective expression and consciousness among 9th to 12th grade students.
  2. A Train the Trainer’s approach is implemented where JSU faculty train WHS teachers on the fundamentals of science and mathematics teaching. Trained WHS teachers are then responsible for providing workshop instructions to selected K9-12 students.

Summer Bridge Program for K12 Students

The Summer Bridge Program for 12th Graders focuses on the recruitment of WHS 12th grade students who have already been admitted at JSU, and immersing them in specific activities that will facilitate their transition and success into rigorous STEM degree programs.