I Heart Dance Company Drill Team Dance Camp

Calling all Sponsors! Take your teams skills to another level! Watch as your team learns to effectively perform in unison. Participants will develop skills in kick line, marching, stand routines, parade movements and field routines. An introduction to the basics of jazz dance will also be included. 

Teams will be engaged with technique training every day. Curriculum offers the dancers’ sessions on conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition, and team motivation. Balance fun and learning with arts and crafts integrated into the schedules. Teams are taught three full length usable and versatile routines including formations and stunts.  

Grade range for participants:  Middle and High School ages  

Age range for participants:  12-18 yrs.

Camp Date(s):  June 22- June 26 

Hours for Camp:  8 a.m. – 3 p.m.  

Contact:  Kimberly Walls  

Contact Phone Number:  601-383-3524

Location for camp:  Walter Payton Center Dance Studio  

Camp registration fee:  $175  

Start date for registration:  March 3 

End date for registration:  May 29  

Camp Website:  http://iheartdancecompany.com  

Email Address:  iheartdancecompany@gmail.com  

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