Mississippi Summer Transportation Institute (IMTrans)

The Mississippi Transportation Institute Summer Program aims at introducing a diverse group of motivated high school students (rising 9th through 12th grades) to the transportation industry. The primary goal is to encourage young people to pursue transportation-related studies and careers.

The camp is a three-week residential program. Students will participate in academic and enhancement activities designed to improve their skills in mathematics, science, engineering, and leadership. The selected students will reside in university housing for three-weeks and participate in on-campus activities. All costs related to lodging, meals, and field trips are covered by the camp.

Grade range for participants: 9th -12th grades

Age range for participants: 14 – 18 yrs.

Camp Date(s):  June 7–June 27

Hours for Camp:  On-campus residential program 

Contact: Lin Li 

Contact Phone Number: 601-979-3913 

Camp registration fee: $100

Start date for registration: April 1

End date for registration:  May 29

Email Address: lin.li@jsums.edu 

Camp Website: http://www.jsums.edu/imtrans/research/mississippi-summer-transportation-institute/ 

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