Louis Stokes MS Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Bridge Program (LSMAMP)

The goal of the LSMAMP Summer Bridge Program is to provide an experience for incoming freshmen that will ease their transition into university life. In addition, the program will facilitate high academic achievement. 

The Summer Bridge Program is designed to motivate and introduce the incoming freshmen at JSU to the curricula and available majors at the College of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET).  This program helps to strengthen academic, social, and emotional skills that assist in a smooth transition to college life. 

The LSMAMP Summer Bridge Program is a four-week summer experience that focuses on: presentation skills; research lab/skills; academic courses: Biology, Chemistry, and College Algebra; and enhance college life and writing skills.

This program is for STEM majors only.  

Grade range for participants:  Graduating high school students  

Age range for participants:  17-21  

Camp Date(s):  July 1 – June30

Hours for Camp:  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Start date for registration:  February 2 

End date for registration:  June 15 

Contact:  Dr. Martha Tchounwou  

Contact Phone Number:  601-979-1604  

Location for camp:  Industrial Arts Building, Room 119

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