Mathematics for Upper Elementary/Middle School Teachers (Project MAT-PD)

The M.A.T.-P.D. (Mathematics Advancement in Teaching through Professional Development) program is designed to improve teacher mathematics content knowledge and teaching efficacy in upper elementary and middle school mathematics classrooms. Participants receive college credit, teaching resources and materials, and participation stipends. 

Prerequisite:  Must be in-service mathematics teachers, Grades 4-8

Adult participants:  Adult Teachers  

Participant’s Grade Levels:  In-service elementary and middle school math teachers\who teach grades 4-8 

Camp Date(s):  June 8 to June 26 

Hours for Camp:  7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Contact:  Debra Divinity  

Contact Phone Number:  601-979-2969  

Start date for registration:  November 14, 2014  

End date for registration:  April 30 

Location for camp:  Just Science Hall: Rooms 148, 107 and 108  

Email Address:  

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