“You Be The Judge” Class Action Summer Teen Camp

“You Be The Judge” is a weeklong camp geared for high school students. The participants are divided into legal teams to argue hypothetical civil cases involving personal injury or property damage resulting from underage drinking. Giving students the opportunity to debate the legal intricacies of alcohol-related cases involving teenagers can broaden their understanding of these types of issues.  

Age range for participants:  15-18 yrs.

Camp Date(s):  June 15 – June 18 

Hours for Camp:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  

Contact Name:  Henry Thompson  

Contact Phone Number:  601-979-1416  

Start date for registration:  February 2 

End date for registration:  April 30 

Location for camp:  Madison Central High School | Madison, MS

Email Address:  henry.thompson@jsums.edu  

Camp’s Website:  http://www.jsums.edu/mjcpc/  

Registration Status:  Closed