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Our department provides students with a complete education. We stress fundamentals and hands-on activities, including scientific principles, rigorous analysis, and creative design. We provide a broad education base to prepare our students for productive careers and to instill a commitment to lifelong learning. We teach clear communication skills and provide our students with responsible teamwork situations that help them develop professional attitudes and ethics.

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Departmental Mission Statement: The mission of the Department of technology is to provide a nationally accredited program, which serves the technical, managerial, and communication needs of persons desiring to enter or advance professionally in an industrial technology related career. The JSU Technology Program will:

  1. Prepare our graduates to meet employer expectations for competent professional, and ethical practice.
  2. Prepare our graduates to pursue advanced studies in the areas of technology or other fields.
  3. Prepare our graduates to adopt and continuously practice life-long learning and continuing education.

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