Institute for Undergraduate Research

Where can students complete an application for the Institute for Undergraduate Research?

The office for the Institute is located in Charles F. Moore building, Room 101.

What are other student benefits?

Students develop critical thinking, creativity, and problems solving skills

Why should students do Research?

If you desire to have a competitive edge, research can transform your future and add value to an undergraduate degree.

How long does the research project last?

Students have opportunities to work with faculty one or two semesters, although many of the students continue their research with the same faculty for several years.

Do I have time to work with a team doing research?

Once students commit to doing research, the faculty mentor and students work out meeting schedules, assignments and the research begins.

How are students selected for the programs?

Students are asked by faculty to join a team or can complete an application and be assigned to a faculty mentor.

Do students work independently or in groups?

Students work in groups to complete assignments or may be asked by faculty to join their personal research project.

What are some of the research areas explored by student researchers in the past?

Some of the areas of research include cancer, effects of test anxiety, developing emergency preparedness applications, robotics, and social media.  The possibilities of research topics are endless.

What is the goal or mission of The Institute for Undergraduate Research?

The Institute for Undergraduate Research goal is to promote mentored research across all disciplines at the university.

What is Research at JSU?

Research is:

Active participation and group meetings with a faculty mentor

  • Creation, discovery, and examination of a defined research question
  • Applying methods of inquiry to generate findings
  • Sharing the findings