Latasha Norman Center

What services do the LNC provide?

The LNC provides individual, family, and couples counseling; crisis consultations, and outreach programming to students who are actively enrolled at JSU.  The LNC also provides trainings to faculty, staff, and administrators on various mental health topics and on ways to identify someone in distress.  In addition, LNC provides consultations to JSU faculty and staff.  However, ongoing services are not able to be provided to JSU faculty and Staff, requiring a referral to an outside mental health provider. 

How do I go about scheduling an appointment?

Students who are considering receiving services from the LNC can either call the office or come by to schedule an appointment.  The LNC Director is responsible for assigning students to LNC clinical staff.  Client assignments must be made within 24-48 hours after a student inquires about an appointment, unless it is during a holiday or semester break.

Can a counselor come to my room if I do not feel comfortable coming to the counseling center?

It is encouraged by LNC for students to come to the center to receive services to ensure confidentiality and reducing the risk of students being seen with LNC clinical staff.   However, if appropriate arrangements can be made by the Director of Housing and the residence hall staff to meet with students in a private location within the residence halls, LNC clinical staff can provide services under those circumstances. 

Can I meet with a counselor multiple times a week if I am in distress?

LNC clinical staff are available to meet with students multiple times a week if students are experiencing ongoing distress.  However, if the distress intensifies and, hence, impedes student’s judgement, and LNC clinical staff assesses the need for further medical and/or psychiatric evaluation, LNC will make a referral to JSU Health Services and/or employ the JSU Risk Management Protocol, requiring transportation to a local hospital or acute care clinic.

Who will have access to my records?

Records are stored in a locked file cabinet, which is located in a secured location at the LNC.  Only those LNC clinical staff who are providing services to a student and the LNC Director/Clinical Supervisor will have access to student’s records.  If any records are requested by another department or agency (i.e. JSU Health Services, mental health clinic, hospital), students must sign a consent form in order for anyone other than the individuals aforementioned to have access to student’s records.

Will my information remain confidential?

Information shared with LNC clinical staff will remain confidential, as required by HIPPA and FERPA laws, and the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics.  However, if a student poses a threat to themselves or someone else, or if a student is in a dangerous situation it is the ethical and legal duty to ensure the safety of that student or persons in danger.  Also, if served a court order by a county, state, or federal court, limited information would have to be disclosed (i.e. intake assessments, medical records from previous providers). 

Is there a charge for counseling services?

Latasha Norman Center (LNC) offers services free of charge for students.