Student Retention Services

What is Academic Second Chance and Academic New Start?

When a student returns to JSU and has not been enrolled in any post-secondary education institution since leaving Jackson State, he or she may be eligible for matriculation under the Academic Second Chance or Academic New Start Policies, which can help increase the GPA and academic standing.  Academic Second Chance allows for students who have not matriculated for 12 consecutive months to use “C” grades or above to meet degree requirements and improve GPA by taking grades less than “C” out of the GPA calculation.  Academic New Start requires separation for 60 consecutive months and ALL hours and grades earned will remain on the transcript BUT WILL NOT be counted towards degree requirements.

What does a student need to do if he or she wants to withdraw from the university?

All withdrawals must be initiated through SRS.  Students must complete a withdrawal form that requires signatures from Financial Aid, Financial Services and SRS.  Finally, completed form must be processed through Student Life.  Failure to officially withdraw from a course or the University could result in failure of that course or courses.  Students are sent letters inviting them back to the University.

Is a student’s Financial Aid affected if he or she does not maintain the minimum GPA and/or hours requirements?

YES!  If a student does not maintain the minimum required GPA and/or hours requirements then:

  •  Financial aid is suspended 
  • A Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) form should be completed, which can be secured through SRS, Financial Aid, or the Financial Aid website. 
  • SRS is responsible for completing the form for freshmen, sophomores, and Undecided majors.  Students with 60 or more hours should report to their major department advisors.

What is Academic Suspension?

A student is placed on Academic Suspension for one academic year when he or she is already on Academic Probation and does not earn the minimum required GPA for retention.  An appeal for waiver of suspension (because of mitigating circumstances) can be made through SRS, the student’s academic department advisor, and/or college dean.  The final decision is made by the Division of Academic Affairs.  

How does a student get placed on Academic Probation?

 If a student is placed on Academic Warning the prior semester and does not raise his or her Total Institution (Cumulative) GPA to the minimum required for retention the following semester, the student is then placed on Probation. A letter is mailed to students instructing them to come to Student Retention Services to receive the academic support services needed. Due to FERPA laws parents are not usually notified. 

How are students notified whether or not they are on Academic Warning?

Students can check their academic status in PAWS. They will also receive a letter instructing them to come to Student Retention Services to receive the academic support services needed. Due to FERPA laws parents are not usually notified.

How does a student get placed on Academic Warning?

When his or her Total Institution (Cumulative) GPA falls below a 2.0.

What is the Student Referral (EARLY WARNING) System?

This is a referral system that instructors use to notify SRS that students are either missing too many classes (EXCESSIVE ABSENCES) or are in need of tutors or other support resources (ACADEMIC SUPPPORT). Students are then notified via email and/or letter to report to SRS to address those issues and receive support services. 

Should letters or notifications from Student Retention Services be taken seriously?

YES!  If you receive a letter or notification from SRS, please follow the instructions to come to the office or contact the Coordinator, Ms. Sonya Webster or Specialist Mrs. Ethel Smith.  Receiving a letter could mean that you either have EXCESSIVE ABSENCES or ACADEMIC SUPPORT issues that need to be addressed per your instructors’ referral(s) via the Student Referral (EARLY WARNING) System.  It can also be an ACADEMIC STANDING NOTIFICATION letter in which you are being notified that your GPA has fallen below minimum standards which could lead to probation or suspension and have a negative impact on your financial aid award status.        

What is Student Retention Services?

Student Retention Services (SRS) assists students who need one-on-one attention while enrolled at Jackson State University and struggling with issues that could interfere with their attendance and/or progress towards matriculation and graduation at the university. SRS provides student support services focused on student retention and serves as a liaison between students and faculty/staff members on campus. Students who are experiencing academic, personal or financial difficulties and those considering dropping out of college are encouraged to visit Student Retention Services in Charles F. Moore 117 or call SRS at 601-979-7172/1251.