Tuition and Fees

Where should I send payments?

Payments should be mailed to the Business Office, P.O. Box 17159 Jackson , MS 39217.

If I withdraw from the university will I owe any money?

 Withdrawals before the first day of classes will result in no tuition charges for that semester, but there may be prorated charges for room and board along with any monies spent from the Supercard voucher, if applicable. Withdrawals beginning on the first day of class, and thereafter, will result in prorated tuition charges for that semester, in addition to prorated charges within the deadlines for room and board, Supercard, etc.

 The JSU Class Schedule Booklet lists the dates for prorated charges. The deadline dates are listed under the title "Jackson State University Refund Policy." If you have received Federal Financial Aid (grants and student loans) and plan to withdraw, please read the section titled "Return of Title IV Federal Financial Aid" especially if you have already received a refund. This valuable information should be read and considered when making a decision to withdraw from the university. 

What is Completing Registration?

“Completing Registration” is the phrase used to describe the Business Office acknowledgement/verification of how fees are to be paid for the current semester.  Once payment is made, financial aid is awarded, or a payment plan is established, The Business Office will “accept” the charges and payments for the current semester which in turn protects the student’s classes from being purged.

There are three ways to “Complete Registration” with the Business Office

  1. Automatic Registration Complete process occurs when a student has selected his or her classes (along with housing and meal plan), the system will review all eligible accepted financial aid that has been awarded for the current term and if the remaining balance is less than $200, the students’ registration will be completed automatically.
  2. Enroll in the payment plan via online or in person with a  Business Office Counselor.The payment plan is based on the balance due divided into four (4) installments.  The initial installment plus $100 (the deferment fee) is required to complete registration.  The remaining three (3) installments are due on the 1st or 15th of the remaining months. 

How does the Supercard Voucher work?

At the start of each semester, Jackson State University allows students with financial aid who are scheduled to receive a refund to place money on their JSU I.D./Supercard for the purpose of purchasing books and supplies, and use the Supercard at vendors on/off-campus Since JSU will not receive this money until the established disbursement date, there is a limit of $1,000 per semester. Supercard refunds are processed beginning the last three weeks of the semester. The student must first make the request at the JSU ID Center, then present the paperwork from the ID Center to the Business Office to process the refund to the student’s account. 

Am I allowed to change my mailing address?

Yes. You can log onto JSU P.A.W.S and update addresses under Personal Information. 

If I don’t complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, to what address will my refund check be mailed?

Refund checks are sent in the following order to:

1st     Mailing address
2nd     Billing address
3rd     Permanent address 

Why do I need to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form?

You should complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form because the highest priority is given to direct deposits during the refund process. 

Who is my Business Office Counselor?

Business Office Counselors are available to assist you between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M – F

Contact the Business Office at 601-979-2216 or come by to speak with Ms. Dudley, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Johnson, or Ms. Taylor.

User Tiger Queue to get in line to see a counselor.

1. Text: jackson state univ to 662-233-6473

2. Use JSU mobile app and click Tiger Queue


Am I entitled to a refund?

You may be entitled to a refund if your account has a credit balance. You can use the internet to find out by logging onto JSU P.A.W.S, enter ID and PIN, select Student & Financial Aid, select Student Records, select Account Summary to check on your account. If your account has a credit balance, contact your Business Office Counselor. 

Can my previous semester balances be deferred?

If you have a previous balance over $200, you will need to enroll in the payment plan with the understanding that the balance is to be paid in full by the end of the current term.  The recommended method is to sign up for the payment plan via the JSU P.A.W.S. account and follow the instructions below:

Log into your JSU P. A. W. S. account.
Select 'Student'.
Select 'Registration'.
Select ' Fall/Spring/Summer 20xx Registration Services '.
Select 'Make a Payment'.
Follow on-screen instructions.
Select 'Sign up for New Payment Plan'.

Follow on-screen instructions. Please note that you must pay the initial down payment (25% plus $100) in order for your registration to be completed and avoid having your classes purged. 

What is the refund process?

Once the Financial Aid Department has applied monies to your account, the Business Office applies any unused aid to your account in the form of a credit. The Business Office has 14 days to apply the refund to your account, however, the estimated time between the application of the refund and you receiving your check or direct deposit will vary. The Business Office will not 'hold'a check for students. The checks are disbursed via postal mail or via direct deposit to a checking account. We recommend submitting a Direct Deposit Authorization Form to the cashiers in the Business Office to ensure that you receive your refund sooner. 

How much are Tuition and Fees?

Undergraduate Tuition                   

1.0 – 11.0 hours

$312.50 per hour

12.0-19.0 hours                   


Over 19.00 hours

$3,750.50 + $312.50 per hour over 19 hours

Graduate Tuition

1.0 – 8.0 hours

$416.75 per hour

9.0-13.0 hours                   


Over 13.00 hours

$3,750.50 + $416.75 per hour over 13 hours


Out-of-state Fee for Undergraduate and Graduate  $5,346.50

Out-of-state Fee for Undergraduate and Graduate per hour

 Undergraduate 1.0 – 11.0 hours

$445.50 per hour

Graduate 1.0-8.0 hours                  

$594.00 per hour


Transitional Hall & Dixon Hall

Room – 1 person


Room – 2 persons


*Campbell Suites                                                         $3,380.50

Other Residence Halls

Room – 1 person


Room – 2 persons             


*Campbell Suites is designed for one student per suite.

For more information about housing call


All Access 7 Days $125 Tiger Bucks


All Access 7 Days $50 Tiger Bucks


All Access 5 Days $30 Tiger Bucks


Commuter Block 25


Commuter Block 50


Commuter Block 100


Commuter Block 50 Plus


Designated Fees

Add/Drop Fee $25.00 Thesis Fee $75.00
Testing Fee $15.00 Cap and Gown Fee $30.00
Mailbox Rental $38.00 Call Waiting $15.00
Transcript $7.50 Parking Decal $40.00
Return Check Fee $40.00 Dissertation Fee $100.00
Caller ID Fee $21.00 Photo I.D. $25.00
Student Activity $10.00 Capital Improvement $50.00
Graduate Admissions Fee $25.00 Supervised Teaching Fee $75.00


*Fees are subject to change upon approval of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning without prior notice.

All fees are payable in advance by cash, personalized checks, certified check, or money order. Non-personalized checks will not be accepted for payment of fees. Fees are due and payable at the time of registration. Financial assistance awarded to a student is applicable to the total fees at the time of registration. Variation from this policy will require prior approval from the Business Office. Bank checks returned due to insufficient funds must be redeemed immediately along with the payment of forty dollar ($40.00) insufficient funds fee to avoid termination of registration.

Each student will be billed for 100% of the tuition and fees due. Accounts referred to a collection agency, will be assessed a reasonable collection fee. A JSU student identification card is required for all transactions.