University College

If the iPad breaks, who is responsible for repairing it?

Replacement devices or repairs are handled through the Mississippi e-Center.  The insurance fee (usually around $50) is used to replace damaged or stolen items.  If the device is not functioning properly, the student can return it to the Mississippi e-Center for a replacement device.  If the item is stolen, the student must obtain a police report from Campus Police before requesting another device.  To discourage theft, each iPad device contains anti-theft technology that will render a stolen device unusable.

When will the iPads be distributed?

The TASI iPads are distributed through the University Success (UNIV 100) course.  Eligible students who elect to accept the TASI scholarship will be informed how to receive TAS Initiative iPads after the drop-add date of the fall and spring semesters.

Where do I go to retrieve a TASI iPad?

You will be notified of the pickup location once you have reported to school and have registered for your courses (12 credit hours or more) for the fall semester.

Does CyberLearning@JSU just mean getting an iPad?

CyberLearning@JSU means being part of a campus that has been transformed by leveraging emerging technology to improve learning. Your instructors have access to training in the creative use of technology and your campus is a model for other universities. You will be entering the JSU “digital ecosystem” when you enroll.

The digital ecosystem at JSU includes high-tech learning spaces, collaborative meeting spaces, and support for your technology use. There is an iPad help desk right in the Student Center, and there is even an Apple store on campus! Instructors in the general education courses you will take during your first two years use to iPad apps and other technology to make learning active and engaging. 

How do I know if I have the right technology?

So that all students start on a level playing field, we will award you a scholarship for a new iPad if you are a first-time, full-time freshman. JSU and the e-Center Foundation have established the Technology Advantage Scholarship Initiative (TASI), which pays for your iPad and only requires that you buy an insurance policy to cover loss or damage.

What is CyberLearning@JSU?

CyberLearning is the use of new technologies to create effective and engaging learning experiences that weren’t possible in the days of chalkboards and spiral notebooks. 

What are co-requisite math classes?

Students who have scored a 16 math subscore on the ACT may take co-requisite math classes. Students take Intermediate Math in the first eight weeks, and upon successful completion of the course, they take College Algebra in the second eight weeks. Students are, therefore, able to move into the credit-bearing course as a faster pace.

What ACT subscore is required to bypass intermediate classes?

Students must have scored a 17 in English, Math, and Reading to bypass intermediate courses in those subjects. Intermediate courses in these areas prepare students for the rigors of credit-bearing freshman courses.

How are students admitted to the Summer Developmental Program?

Students who have applied for admission to the university, but do not meet requirements are referred for to take the 

ACCUPLACER test. Test results determine whether students are admitted for the Summer Developmental Program.