Usage Policy

These policies are to ensure the dependability of the university's equipments and enforce the security within the computer lab environment. Please follow these policies while in the computer lab. Closed/Departmental labs may have additional rules to adhere. Please see respective School Lab Administrator for any specific policies.

Computer Usage

  • Computer use is reserved for use by Jackson State University?s students, faculty, and staff members only.
  • All students must login with their NetID account (J-Number and Password) to access the computers.
  • For your Security, do not share account information (NetID, password).
  • Computer usage are on first-come, first serve basic.
  • In case of students waiting for a PC, each student will be limited to two (2) hours of use.
  • Save all work on flash drive, floppy disk, or CD (where CD burning is possible). Do not save work on local computer.
  • Do not install any software, download games, or anything that exposes the university to risk of virus attacks, compromise of network and service, or legal matter.
  • No food or drink.
  • Drugs, Alcoholic Beverages, and Smoking are not permitted in any computer labs on campus
  • Disrupted behavior will not be tolerated. Lab personnel will ask any individual who is disruptive to vacate the computer laboratory.
  • No cell phone use in lab unless you are technology personnel. Please be considerate of fellow students, silence phones, and take conversations outside the lab.
  • These computers are for reserved for scholastic work. Lab personnel may ask individuals who playing games or listing to music on university computer o leave the lab.
  • Students, faculty, and staff who are using computers assigned to handicap may be ask to move if an user requiring handicap access needs to use the computer.
  • The phones in each lab are for emergency use only.
  • Students, Faculty & Staff, who bring children /guest into the computer labs, are responsible for their behavior. Any equipment damaged or destroyed, then the user of that child will be responsible for the cost of the equipment. 

University Identification

  • Students, Faculty and Staff must have a valid Jackson State University ID in order to use the labs.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff who bring guess into the computer Lab may not use a separate computer for the guest
  • A Professor or Assistant may identify a student with out his or her ID; If the lab is being reserved for testing period. All other times they must have a valid ID to access Jackson State University?s computer labs.


  • Students are allowed to print only 10 pages per job. This set to allow time for other students to print and management of printing resources.
  • Preview all files on screen before printing in order to reduce paper waste, and print exact pages of the document that you need.
  • Never reload old paper or papers that have already been printed on back into the printer.
  • Do not take paper out printer and take it to another lab or any other use

Proper use of E-Mail

  • E-Mail should not contain any harassing, unethical, fraudulent, or obscene materials
  • Before sending or opening any file attachments sent thru e-mail, the attachment should be scanned with the current anti- virus software.
  • Lab users should protect their account by allowing no one to use their e-mail

Before Leaving a Work Area

  • Remove any files that are personal from the desk top or local drive.
  • Please close all applications and Log out
  • Do not turn computer off
  • Clean up the work area

Lost & Found

  • A Daily Lost & Found Report should be completed for all personal items found/lost for that particular day.
  • A copy of the report is issues to the campus lab coordinator , local lab administrator, and filed in the lab documentation. If school or local department is closed, contact campus police to report item found
  • Items such as text books, binders, keys, jackets, jump drives, sunglasses, hair brushes can be stored in local lab storage.
  • Items of greater value such as purses, wallets, cellphones, etc. should be given to local department. If local department will not hold the item, item should be given to campus police.
  • A Daily Lost & Found Report should be completed for all personal items lost for that particular day. Following the completion of the report, a copy is to be issued to the campus lab coordinator, local lab administrator, and person with missing item(s).

Publications in Lab

No solicitation or posting publications of any type without prior approval. Posting of signs need to be approved in this order by:

  • Campus Lab Coordinator
  • School / Department Head
  • Publication stamp from Jackson State University publication department.
  • Approved publications will be displayed in designated area for announcements.

Reporting Problems in the Computer Labs

  • Report malfunctions of computers and/or printer to Tigerlab support 601.979.1896.