Community College Relations

Student Activities

Transfer Success Mentors Program

Transfer Success Mentors (TSMs) will be an integral component of the JSU’s Office of Community College Relations team. They will serve as academic and social role models for community college transfer students, sharing their own successes and setbacks in developing study habits, taking advantage of campus resources, managing their time, and navigating the campus. TSMs will take on the role of small group leaders throughout the academic school year and will work to develop good rapport with community college transfer students, as they are often the first members of the instructional team to whom new students confide their fears and uncertainties. We will select exceptional students who give evidence of interpersonal and intellectual skills. Essential functions of this position will include the ability to communicate effectively to groups, relate to others, and exhibit appropriate dedication to academic and campus life.


Transfer Mentor Application 2016-2017


JSU Transfer Ambassadors Program

The JSU Transfer Ambassadors will assist Community College Relations in achieving the university’s goal of recruiting and retaining academically sound community college transfer students. The ambassadors will help prospective community transfer students facilitate a smooth transition from their respective community college to Jackson State University. Ambassadors will also ensure that prospective community college transfer students are informed about admissions requirements, financial aid deadlines, housing information and any other appropriate information for admission to Jackson State University.


“Transfer Thursdays”

This event will allow students to come into the office on a weekly basis to ask staff for assistance in anything regarding campus/student life. Our doors are always open to questions and concerns from the students, and we want to always be their “Next Steps” in an environment that is home away from home.

“Talk is Cheap”

This event will take place mid semester. It is designed to ensure that students followed through on getting involved in campus life. Via, organizations, committees, fraternities, sororities, etc. It basically makes them responsible for all the commitments that made earlier in the semester.

“Breakfast at CCR”

Students will participate in an early breakfast talk session, where they will be required to list issues that transfer students’ face, along with resolutions that worked. Also serves as an icebreaker for the students.

“Trail Mix Tuesday”

Students will be able to come to the CCR between designated hours on (Tuesday) to fix a healthy trail mix snack to keep them energized throughout the day, or while relaxing in the transfer lounge area.

Transfer Connect: Newsletter

This newsletter will be produced once a semester. It will highlight a staff, faculty or administrator who has served as an amazing example of mentor leadership on campus. We will also highlight a student as well that has demonstrated a high level of commitment to academic life. In order to keep it light but informative, we will have inspirational information, along with health tips and great study habits to take note of for a successful academic year, with emphasis on students having fun (in moderation).