“Talk is Cheap” Social


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Purpose of Event:  To give our mentors and mentees an open forum to talk about issues, concerns, ideas and resolutions that they may have faced during the early portion of the semester.  The idea is that students are always inundated with information and considerable help upon arriving in the early part of the semester, and toward the end of the semester, there is a focus on deadlines and (must do’s).  However, how many crucial opportunities are missed to check in on students during the middle part of the semester?  Opportunities to check to make sure students are still on track in their respective major?  Are they enjoying their college/university experience? Are they still motivated to get involved in the organizations and activities on campus that they initially wanted to be a member of? The talk is cheap social is a golden opportunity to start implementing new strategies/resolutions and ideas for the following semesters, in regards to issues and concerns that may have been addressed during social interactions, such as “Talk is Cheap” Social.

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Goal Achieved: Students were delightfully excited and nervous about what to expect from the social.  However, once the event was underway, the students were engaged and pleasantly surprised to find that this event was focused on all things transfer students. A guest speaker was also invited, so that in addition to fun, socializing and eating, students would be able to take away important information necessary for post graduate success.  Students were then able to discuss their successes and let downs, thus far, in addition to, some of things they would consider their best experiences since arriving at Jackson State University. Afterwards, mentees and mentors participated in an icebreaker exercise, used to get students relaxed and talking. At which point, they were given a few minutes to partake in student friendly refreshments, so that the objective of talking and discussing could further commence.  By the close of the social, not only had mentees and mentors establish a better bond, but also the staff of CCR walked away with vital information that would aid in the implementation of new programs geared specifically around the issues and concerns of our transfer students.

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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is to not stop questioning."