Developmental and Enhancement Studies Program

University College encompasses the Developmental and Enhancement Studies Program, the Summer Developmental Program, and the Summer Bridge Program.

The mission of University College is to provide an academically focused, student-centered, supportive, structured environment for the entire University Community with an emphasis on freshmen. This environment is focused on improving matriculation, retention and graduation rates, increasing student success in academics, and facilitating a smooth transition to the world of higher education.

University College supports the mission of the University by providing students with an environment that focuses on academics and supports student success regardless of the individual’s entry level of preparedness. 

To provide foundational support in preparation for college-level courses, University College offers classes in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Academic Support. Intermediate English, Mathematics, Reading required for students with ACT subscore below 17, SAT subscore below 470 in math and below 310 and English and Reading.

Opportunities for advancement:
Bridge to the Future: Incoming freshmen who have been admitted to the university with a minimum ACT composite score of 17 or SAT score of 840 and have declared a major in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology take freshman-level science courses in the summer preceding their first year.

Co-requisite classes in English and Mathematics: Students can take required intermediate course(s) in first half of the semester and freshman-level course(s) in the second half of the semester.

Summer Intermediate courses: Students can take required intermediate courses in the summer and freshman-level courses in the Fall semester.

Contact information:
Dr. Sherry Rankin