Jackson State University takes pride in our transfer students and works hard to ensure a seamless and smooth transition to our university. The Office of Transfer Student Services within the Division of Undergraduate Studies have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by our transfer students. We hope that this FAQ fact sheet will be informative in connecting you to the resources made available here at the great JSU. JSU cares about you and your success and encourages you to take advantage of the opportunities that we have to offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions by Transfer Students

Where do I go in order to be advised for my classes?

Transfer students with less than 60 earned hours are advised in Undergraduate Studies. Transfer students with 60 or more earned hours of college credit are advised in their Academic Departments.

How important is it to connect with my Academic Advisor?

Very!! Your Academic Advisor is a professional advisor assigned to you to assist with your course selection in preparation for graduation. Your advisor is also there to aid with adding or dropping of classes, semester registration, approval of absentee excuses, etc.  Connecting with your advisor is a key element in becoming and remaining successful here at JSU.

How do I connect with my Advisor?

If you are a transfer student with less than 60 earned hours, a letter will be mailed to you listing the name and contact information of your advisor. If you have more than 60 earned hours, your advisor is assigned within your Academic Department.

How do I know which of my credits transferred?

JSU utilizes the Articulation Agreement between the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and the Mississippi Board for Community and Junior Colleges. The university normally allows full credit for a course taken at another accredited institution if a comparable course is offered at JSU. Jackson State University accepts transfer courses with “C” grades or better.

Articulation Agreement- spells out how community colleges students in the State of Mississippi can earn credits at a four year intuitions. It helps students at a community college understand which courses at the community college level will transfer for credit toward a Bachelor Degree at the university of your choice. http://www.ihl.state.ms.us/cjc/.



Are Vocational Courses transferable to JSU?


Students ordinarily receive no transfer credit for courses designed specifically for technical and vocational career programs. The dean of the college should be consulted on questions pertaining to the transfer of credits.


Why are there multiple GPA’s on my transcript?


Grades earned in transfer courses may be shown on the permanent record at JSU but will not be used in calculating JSU grade point average. Transfer credits have a separate grade point average and will be shown with a “T” in front of the earned grade from the transfer institution.


  • Transfer students who have earned 12 or more hours of college credit are EXEMPT from University Success 100/101/105.


  • All transfer students are required to take the Undergraduate English Proficiency Examination. It is administered each semester and each summer session.


  • After earning 64 semester hours from any accredited institution, a student may not take additional courses at a community/junior college and have them applied toward a degree from Jackson State University.
  • A maximum of 98 semester hours is transferable from an accredited four-year institution.


What is a JSU SuperCard?


 The JSU Supercard Program works almost exactly like your regular debit card. This card permits students, faculty, and staff with funds available in their accounts to use their student/work I.D. to purchase goods and services from participating merchants, even off campus.


How do I activate my SuperCard?


 You are welcome to apply for a card account by completing an application in the ID Center. Individuals can deposit funds into their SuperCard account by visiting the Office of Financial Services on the 2nd Floor of the B.F. Roberts building at the cashier’s station.  For more information on the SuperCard, visit http://supercard.jsums.edu/index.html 


If I want to change my major….What do I do?


 You can obtain a change of major form from your Academic Advisor in Undergraduate Studies in the Charles F. Moore Building (CFM). This form will be forwarded to JSU Registrar’s to finalize your request for change of major.


 How do I know my JSU email address?


 Visit the JSU homepage at http://www.jsums.edu. Click on the link at the upper right hand corner entitled “email.” Click on the blue icon that states “here” for student users. Then click on email account for new students. This will walk you step by step on specific instructions regarding your email address.


 How do I access online library services? What full-text journal services are available?


 Jackson State University subscribes to many online journals. Go to library@jsums.edu or stop by the H. T. Sampson Library to speak with any of the valuable resource persons eager to assist you. To access the journal data bases from off campus, you will need your J Number and password.


 If I have any more questions or concerns specifically concerning me as a Transfer Student, who can I speak to?


 You may contact Mrs. Jennifer E. Scott-Gilmore, Coordinator of Transfer Student Services in the Charles F. Moore Building, Rm. 214 at 601-979-3339 or Mrs. Robin Marshall, Transfer Academic Advisor in C. F. Moore Building, Rm 110-D at 601-979-2826. Transfer students have many needs and concerns and JSU wants to assist you!