The First Year Advisement Center

The First Year Advisement Center is responsible for the advisement of all first year freshmen and transfer students with less than 60 hours of college credit. The First Year Professional and Faculty Advisors’ Dual Academic Advisement Program provides a comprehensive system that meets the needs of students in academic planning, interpreting university requirements and policies, selecting academic majors and career goals as well as developing social and core values.

The First Year Professional and Faculty Advisors will deliver the following services:

  • Provide the overall advising needs of students
  • Be available to all first and second year students at scheduled advisement and registration periods
  • Monitor academic progress of students
  • Ensure that all students have current departmental curriculum sheets and the Undergraduate Catalog
  • Inform students of career opportunities, internships, discipline related organizations and study abroad programs
  • Advise students of all academic support services on campus
  • Assist in planning and monitoring the students educational program until graduation
  • Assist students with awareness of individual values, abilities and interest, and exploration of educational opportunities leading to life and career goals

Other Services:

  • On-the-Spot Advisement
  • Change of majors
  • Course Petitioning
  • Initiate Student Withdrawals from the University
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Forms
  • Excessive Absences and Early Warning Forms
  • Workshops for Probationary Students
  • Academic Second Chance and Academic Fresh Start forms


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Ms. Monesa Watts
Coordinator of Academic Advisement