The Freshman/Sophomore Early Warning Student Evaluation Form

Freshman and Sophomore Early Warning Form Click Here

The  Freshman/Sophomore Early Warning Student Evaluation Form is used  as a referral for  faculty and staff  to indicate the academic and personal needs of students to their First-Year Professional Advisor and the Retention Coordinator.  Once referrals are made, students are notified via mail or email and requested to meet with their instructors, advisors, and the retention coordinator to develop an academic improvement plan.

Forms should be submitted to Ms. Sonya Webster, Retention Coordinator, via email at, or the Charles F. Moore Bldg Room 101 or the Division of Undergraduate Studies JSU Box 18240.

JSU Class Attendance Policy

Students may be officially excused from class for attendance at University approved functions, provided the sponsor properly executes a Student Life Leave Form. Such excuses shall be accepted by the instructor. Students may also be officially excused by the Dean of their College or the Vice President for Student Life for certain campus activities. Students must submit written documentation to Student Life to obtain official excuses for absences due to illness or other emergency situations.

Students who willfully miss class face serious consequences. After being absent three times in a 50-minute class, three hours in a class that meets longer than one hour, or one time immediately before or after a scheduled recess/holiday, the instructor shall report the next un-excused absence to the Division of Undergraduate Studies for freshmen and sophomores and to the college dean and department chair for juniors and seniors. The dean/chair or designee will counsel with the student and in concern with the instructor, may require the student to complete complementary course assignments. If a student does not respond well to the counsel or with the assignments, the instructor may impose a grade penalty on the student. Un-excused absences that exceed the equivalency of six 50-minute sessions may lead to an “F” for the course. Students who do not maintain the minimum grade point average required for retention over two semesters may be academically suspended from the University.

At the discretion of the college dean and with approval of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Life, there may be additional class attendance policies stipulated in college handbooks and other official institution documents.

To find out more information about the class atendance policy, go to the University homepage, click on academic, then click on the academic catalog link.