A Placement Test: Not an Admission Tool

ACCUPLACER is a computerized placement test in sentence skills, math, and reading comprehension that is administered to all students referred to screening for the admission process. Identified by the Board of Trustees of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning as the test of choice in conjunction with the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), ACCUPLACER places students in either the Summer Developmental Program, intermediate or regular college classes based upon the students’ performance in the respective categories:

A score less than 17 on the ACT math subtest, or a total right score below 73 on the ACCUPLACER places students in intermediate algebra

A score less than 17 on the ACT English subtest, or a total right score below 88  on the ACCUPLACER in sentence skills places students in intermdiate English

A score less than 17 on the ACT reading subtest or a total right score below 82  on the ACCUPLACER in reading comprehension places students in intermediate reading


ACCUPLACER is administered from February through May and may be taken at any one of the eight public universities in Mississippi.

ACCUPLACER has its own preparation web site.  We use the sample questions
and test taking tips found there. Its link is:

To preveiw other sample test and study guide items visit the following websites: