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Dr. Marie O'Banner-Jackson, Interim Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Office: Charles F. Moore 111
Telephone: 601.979.7092
Fax 601. 979.3243

Dr. Sherry Rankin,

Chair, Developmental and Enhancement Studies

Charles F. Moore 111


 Administrative Assistant
Office Location: Charles F. Moore 111
Telephone: 601-979-7092    Fax:  601-979-3243

English Unit -Charles F. Moore 112

Tracey Wells-Harmon   Telephone:  601.979.7092

Tiffany Harrington    Telephone:  601.979.3336

Linda Wheeler    Telephone: 601.979.7086


Math Unit

Dr. Shirley Burnett  Office:  Charles F. Moore 119B   Telephone:  601.979.1394

Stacy Davison     Office:  Charles F. Moore 119A    Telephone:  601.979.1393


Reading Unit

Ella  Moore-Boyd    Office:  Charles F. Moore 118B   Telephone:  601.979.2789

Revetia Caldwell  Office: Charles F. Moore 328B   Telephone: 601.979.0435

Monica Lawrence-Rees   Office:  Charles F. Moore 118A   Telephone:  601.979.1384


Academic Support

Ameen Abdur-Rashied  Office:  Charles F. Moore 328  Telephone:  601.979.0436

Meshonya Wren-Coleman  Office: Charles F. Moore 328  Telephone  601.979.2827