Developmental and Enhancement Studies Program

University College is one of three units in Undergraduate Studies. Managed by the Associate Dean, University College houses the Developmental and Enhancement Studies Program, the Summer Developmental Program, the coordination of the English Proficiency Examination and the sponsorship of Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chi Alpha Epsilon, the Student NAACP and the Young Forward Lookers.

The mission of University College is to provide an academically focused, student-centered, supportive, structured environment for the entire University Community with an emphasis on freshmen. This environment is focused on improving matriculation, retention and graduation rates, increasing student success in academics, and facilitating a smooth transition to the world of higher education.

University College supports the mission of the University by providing students with an environment that focuses on academics and supports student success regardless of the individual’s entry level of preparedness. This unit benefits all students, but it has special relevance for the historically by-passed student and is critical to in-coming freshmen.