Summer Developmental Program

Students applying to state-supported institutions of higher learning in Mississippi who fail to meet any of the four admission criteria participate in a nine-week summer program to increase their chances of being admitted. Qualified students take course work in reading, composition and mathematics. This program includes classroom instruction as well as computer-assisted tutorials. These courses will not count toward graduation. However, with successful completion of the Summer Developmental Program, students will be able to enroll in freshman courses whenever the students matriculate at a public university in Mississippi. In addition, the students receive counseling and support needed to participate successfully in the academic and social community of the University.

Step 1

Submit online application to Jackson State University Admissions at 

Step 2

If Admissions refers you to screening, call 601-979-7087 to schedule a date to take the ACCUPLACER test, which will assess your reading, math, and writing skills

Step 3

After taking the ACCUPLACER test, register for the Summer Developmental Program ( or freshman courses with an advisor in Charles F. Moore Building, depending upon your test scores 
Summer Developmental Program activities include:

· Daily classes in English, mathematics, reading and Learning Skills

· Mandatory tutorial sessions

· Mentoring sessions

· Weekly workshops to acclimate students to college-life and to hone critical-thinking skills

· Student Life activities to provide a well-rounded college experience

Program Fees: 

1.0 – 11.0 hours    $313.00 per hour
12.0 hours              $3,750.50

Out-of-state Tuition
1.0 – 11.0 hours      $446.00 per hour
12.0 hours              $5,346.50
Summer Developmental
Room – 1 person      $1,452.00
Room – 2 persons     $807.00 per person
For more information about Housing call 601-979-3305.

15 Block: 15-Meal Membership (5 Day) – $575.00    
20 Block: 20-Meal Membership (7 Day)- $804.00     
DBEX:     Dining Dollars- Minimum of $25.00 
For more information about meal plans, call 601-979-1325.     
Summer Developmental Program textbook costs
ENG 001:   $102, Evergreen, 11th ed. (S. Fawcett)
MATH 001: $65.50, Introductory Algebra (C. McKeague)
RE 001:      $47.75, Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 6th ed. (J. Langan)

*Fees are subject to change upon approval of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning without prior notice.

Contact information:
Dr. Sherry Rankin