Frequently Asked Questions


1.      When are campus tours offered?

Campus tours are offered Monday – Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Tours are not scheduled on weekends, holidays, or when the University is otherwise closed.

2.     How do I schedule a campus tour?

Tours containing 12 individuals or less can be scheduled by calling 601.979.0883. For groups consisting of more than 12 individuals, please contact Undergraduate Recruitment at 601.979.5845.

3.     How far in advance should I schedule a campus tour?

Tours should be scheduled at least one week in advance of your requested date.

4.     How will I know my campus tour has been scheduled?

You will receive a telephone call within 48 hours of your request (during regular operating hours) confirming your tour date and time. You will also receive a confirmation email stating the details of your tour.

5.     Is the tour a walking tour?

Yes, all campus tours are walking tours for approximately one hour.

6.     Who gives the tour?

The tour is given by trained current students, our tour guide, or J-volunteers. All individuals are able to give the history and current uses of university buildings, inform visitors of university traditions, and provide their own views and perspectives of the Jackson State University experience.

7.     Is there a fee for the tour?

No, there is not a fee for a campus tour.

8.     Can anyone come along on the tour with the student?

Absolutely! We encourage the parents, siblings, and other family and friends to come along on the tour with the prospective student.

9.     I’ve scheduled a tour online. What if I need to change my day/time of my tour?

Since this action cannot be performed online, you should call our office at 601.979.0883 to see if your tour can be moved to another day or time that is not already full. Please DO NOT submit another tour request to reschedule the tour, unless instructed to do so.

10. Where do I report when I arrive on campus for my tour?

Tour participants should report to the JSU Welcome Center located in the Student Center Annex of the New Student Center.

11.   What does the campus tour consist of?

Tours consist of a video presentation and are walking tours of the grounds and facilities to include residence halls, and various offices and academic departments. Please dress in comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing to accommodate the weather conditions.

12.  How long does the campus tour last?

Campus tours may last approximately 1 – 2 hours.

13.  What if it rains/plans to rain during my scheduled campus tour?

If the rain is light to moderate, the tour will most likely still go out. If severe weather conditions occur, we cannot permit a walking tour to go outside due to safety reasons. In this case, your tour guide will conduct an information session, in which prospective students can ask questions.

14. What should I wear for the tour?

Dress for the tour is casual. Remember, the tour is a walking tour, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes! For tours during the summer months, you may want to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen or a combination of all three. If rain is in the forecast, do not forget an umbrella or poncho!

15.  Can we get a campus map and directions?

Your confirmation e-mail will have website links with driving directions and parking instructions, or you can click here. For a printable campus map, click here.

16. What if I cannot make it to my scheduled campus tour?

If you cannot make it to or are running a little late for your scheduled campus tour, please contact the JSU Welcome Center as soon as possible at 601.979.0883 or email All scheduled persons should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the tour. Excessive tardiness can result in the cancellation of the tour.

17.  Where should visitors park?

Visitors should park directly behind the new JSU Student Center. To access the lot, turn right off Dalton Street onto the street in front of the Department of Public Safety building. The lot is located on the left.

18.  What about meeting with someone in a department in which we are interested?

If you know that you would like to meet with someone in an academic area, please inform the administrative assistant during confirmation of your tour.

19. Where can I find a list of hotels in the area?

Please click here to access a listing of nearby hotels.