Women in Higher Education Mississippi Network

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The mission of the Women in Higher Education – Mississippi Network (WHEMN) is to identify, develop, advance, and support women in higher education in Mississippi. 



  • Promote and support women's leadership in higher education, particularly in Mississippi. 
  • Facilitate networking of women leaders in higher education with each other and with organizations and networks that have shared goals.  
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with other educational institutions, organizations, associations, foundations, and businesses to help achieve the mission of WHEMN. 
  • Enhance the visibility of women administrators on Mississippi campuses. 
  • Assist in career development of professional women and women students in higher education, with particular emphasis on minority women.  
  • Identify potential women leaders and provide mentoring. 
  • Recognize achievements of women in higher education through appropriate awards. 



Each institution will be represented by one Institutional Representative appointed by the President of the institution. 

A President's Advisory Council will serve as an advisory body to WHEMN. The Executive Committee will be composed of the following: 

  • State Coordinator(s) 
  • State Coordinator-Elect and Program Chair 
  • State Coordinator – Past 
  • Treasurer/Recorder 
  • Public Relations Coordinator 
  • Technology Coordinator 
  • Student Representative 

The Executive Committee members will serve for staggered three-year terms to ensure continuity on the planning body.


WHEMN Leadership Award Recipients:

  • Gloria Kellum (2006)
  • Myrtis Tabb (2007)
  • Frances Lucas (2008)
  • Helen Turner (2009)
  • Amy Tuck (2010)
  • Anna Faye Kelley-Winders (2011)
  • Jan Reid-Bunch (2012)
  • Loretta A. Moore (2013)
  • Deborah Gilbert (2014)
  • Colleen Hartfield (2015)
  • Laura Damm (2016)
  • Judith A. Spencer (2017)