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The Undergraduate English Proficiency Examination (UEPE)

The Undergraduate English Proficiency Examination (UEPE) is a graduation requirement for all students at Jackson State University. The examination is administered to sophomores and juniors who have completed twelve (12) semester hours of general education courses in English. Students are required to take the UEPE at the end of their sophomore year and no later than the first semester of their junior year.

The UEPE is an essay test that assesses the ability of students to communicate ideas in a clearly written and comprehensive composition. Because the examination is intended to determine the students’ level of competency in communicating ideas with a degree of verbal correctness and clarity, emphasis is placed on fluency in expressing ideas, the general thinking abilities of students, and the content of the composition. Competence in writing themes that are grammatically correct is an important consideration; however, the grammatical content of a composition is to be measured in terms of the extent to which it attributes to or interferes with understanding of the content of the composition. A pattern of errors in any of the following–subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, sentence fragments, comma splices, run-on sentences, and unnecessary shifts in verb tenses or in points of view involving the pronoun–constitutes failure.

The UEPE measures a student’s ability to write a five-paragraph composition on a subject chosen from a variety of questions and topics related to the various fields of study. Students may chose a question or topic related to their major or of interest to them. The scoring guidelines for the exam can be obtained from University College in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, (601) 979-7092.

Students who do not pass the UEPE are required to enroll in ENG 399 (Functional Writing)  the following school term.

Registration for the examination is available online through PAWS.  There is a $ 1.00 fee for the examination. To view the dates of the examination and the registration deadline, please click here.  For more information, please call the Department of Testing and Assessment at (601) 979-2484.

The Richard Wright Center offers consultations on preparing for the UEPE. To schedule a consultation, please call (601) 979-0694.

Tips for Taking the UEPE