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FALL 2014


H.T. Sampson Library, 1st Floor
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Monday & Tuesday

9:00AM – 5:00PM

Wednesday & Thursday

12:00noon – 7:00PM


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Scholarly Writing Retreat

The Scholarly Writing Retreat has been canceled.

Monday, August 5, 2013–Friday, August 9, 2013


The Richard Wright Center for the Written Word is presenting its first summer Scholarly Writing Retreat. Our goal is to increase the number of scholarly, peer-reviewed publications by Jackson State University faculty.


Retreat participants will engage in small group discussions about their writing projects and write, refine, and prepare their articles for publication. By the end of the retreat, the participants will have a completed draft of an article and a letter of submission for publication. The participants will also develop peer research and review teams within and across academic disciplines.


Patsy J. Daniels, Ph.D., Professor of English at Jackson State University and Editor of the Researcher, will facilitate the retreat.


Peer-review teams will be formed based on project topics, the academic discipline of the participants, and the degree of completion of the participants’ writing projects. Each day will begin with a plenary discussion about a specific aspect of scholarly writing. Afterwards, the participants will be given time to write independently on their project and to prepare a draft for review and critique during the afternoon peer-review session. The purpose of peer-review teams is to provide feedback and creative insights from persons in and outside of the writer’s discipline. A plenary session will close each day’s work and will focus on a review of the day’s accomplishments and an overview of the next day’s activities.


Participants are required to bring a laptop and a portable storage device (USB) and to have a list of secondary sources for their project.


The Scholarly Writing Retreat will be conducted at the JSU Student Center, 3rd Floor. Plenary sessions will be conducted in Room 3210. Writing and peer review sessions will be held in Rooms 3210, 3213, and 3241.

Application and Registration Fee

Faculty members must complete the attached application form and pay a registration fee of $100.00. The fee will cover the cost of refreshments and materials. The registration fee will be paid by a check or money order made payable to the Richard Wright Center (Registration). The application form should be submitted with the payment to the Richard Wright Center, 4th Floor, H. T. Sampson Library or mailed to 1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P. O. Box. 17035, Jackson, MS, 39217-0001 before Friday, June 28, 2013.

Application Form