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Tips for Taking the UEPE

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Take time to prepare for the Undergraduate English Proficiency Exam (UEPE), by reviewing your notes and resources from English Composition courses and by participating in the UEPE Prep Workshops offered by the Richard Wright Center.

Follow these tips to help you write the essay and pass the examination:

Review the writing prompts. Pick the one that will best enable you to draw upon your own knowledge and experience. Then select a topic that fits the requirements of the writing prompt.

Take time to plan your essay. In planning your essay, be sure to address all aspects of the writing prompt. If you do this, you will often discover that the structure of the writing prompt suggests the structure of your essay.

Be sure to include the key components.  Ensure that your essay includes an introductory paragraph with a clear, convincing thesis, at least three well-developed, well-organized body paragraphs, and a powerful conclusion.

Title the essay.  Give your essay an appropriate title that will capture the reader's attention.

Proofread the essay.  After you have written your essay, take time to proofread it for the technical aspects of writing. The big errors to avoid are errors in sentence structure, errors in agreement (subject-verb, antecedent-pronoun), errors in verb forms, and errors in usage.