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Jackson State University® is an environment that inspires you to grow, learn, and reach beyond the ordinary. This is a “home away from home” where every student can find their place. Our team in Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment is committed to assisting prospective students and their families through the acceptance and enrollment process by providing essential information to help students successfully transition into the university. This webpage will provide you with the necessary information to guide your educational goals.


Priority Deadlines: Traditional Students

Fall semester – July 15th 
Spring semester – November 15th 
First summer session – April 15th 
Second summer session – May 15th 

Deadlines: JSUOnline Students

Fall 2020 – 2nd 8 Weeks – September 15th
Spring 2021 – 1st 8 Weeks – November 15th
Summer 2021 – April 15th
Spring 2021 – 2nd 8 weeks – January 15th

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You have never attended a college or university, or you attended a college or university for the first time in the prior summer term.

You are entering JSU for the first time, but previously attended another postsecondary institution.

You previously attended JSU, but did not attend during the previous fall or spring semester.

You are a non-US Citizen seeking an undergraduate degree. This excludes students graduating (or transferring) from a college or high school in the US.

You are interested in online degree programs and general education courses which allow students to conveniently earn a quality education and work toward achieving long-term career goals.

Learn about admissions for transient, non-degree seeking, dually enrolled, homeschooled, GED, and post-baccalaureate students.