Coastal Ecology and Environmental Remote Sensing – CEERS

Welcome to the CEERS Lab!

Our research focused on two main themes:

  1. Understanding how coastal ecosystems respond to changing environments and  disturbances (natural and human-induced) at varying spatial and temporal scales, and
  2. Investigating the potential of geo-spatial data and analytical techniques for integrating with conventional field based research to how and why the Earth’s environment, in particular, various ecosystem processes and patterns are arrayed in space and time and what internal and external factors (i.e. disturbances resulting from human activities and climate change) govern them.

Our current research focuses largely on the coastal wetlands of Mississippi to evaluate spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of wetland vegetation, land use/ land cover, vegetation productivity, and carbon sequestration ability and also to understand how changing climate including sea level rise, and increasing disturbances affect them. We extensively integrate multi-sensor remote sensing  and GIS data and analytical techniques with field observations in our research studies.