Ph.D.’s On the Market

Recognizing the importance of high quality research, and high academic standards, Our Ph.D. Program focuses on high quality research. Each Ph.D. candidate is expected to publish several papers in high quality engineering journals. The advisers often ask students to publish more, prior to graduation.


Kejun Wen (Ph.D. Graduate, December 2017)

Dissertation Title: Enhancement of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation Treatment and Applications in Bio-Inspired Constructional Materials Development

Area: Geotechnical Engineering

Research Interests: Soil Improvements, Bio-mediate improvement on sandy soil, Reflective crack reduction via geotextile, experimental Soil Dynamics, soil-structure interaction, Levee strengthening.

Career Goals: Make the world a better place


Ubani Ogbonnaya (Ph.D. Graduate, May 2018)

Dissertation Title: “The Effects of Particle Size Distribution on Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation and Improvement of Biocementation through Fiber Reinforcement and Confining Pressure

Area: Geotechnical Engineering

Research Interest: Soil Improvements, Experimental Soil Dynamics, Soil-structure Interaction, Levee Strengthening and Foundation Engineering.

Career Goals: To make use of my expertise in the field of geotechnical engineering to advance research on soil improvement and foundation engineering related problems.


Xuesheng Qian (Ph.D. Graduate, December 2018)

Dissertation Title: Numerical Modelling of Submarine Debris Flow and Its Impact on Subsea Pipelines

Area: Coastal Engineering/ Water Resources Engineering

Research Interests: Computational Hydraulics, Geohazard Analyses, Storm Surge Modeling, Sediment Transport, High Performance Computing, etc.

Career Goals: My long-term goal of professional career is to become a recognized expert in addressing water challenges in 21st century.


Lei Bu (Ph.D. Candidate, December 2018)

Dissertation Title: Development of Traffic Management Strategies Using Decentralized Traveler Information in Reducing Congestion

Area: Transportation Engineering

Research Interests: Optimization modeling for traffic network,     emergency evacuation simulations and modeling, sustainable transportation infrastructure, transportation data analytics, and climate change.

Career Goals: To be the energetic and innovative researcher for the academic/governmental/industrial institution.


Yang Li (Ph.D. Graduate, December 2018

Dissertation Title: Environmental Fate and Transport of Insecticides Clothianidin and Thiamethoxam 

Area: Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Soil remediation, Heavy metal contamination, Fate and transport of contaminants   in the environmental, Wastewater treatment, Bioreactor landfills

Career Goals: To be a professional engineer with excellence


Xiaohua Luo (Ph.D.Graduate, May 2019)

Dissertation Title: Performance Evaluation, Threshold Updating, and Decision Modeling of the Pavement Warranty Program in Mississippi

Area: Traffic Engineering

Research Interests: Traffic engineering, pavement management system, and intelligent transportation system.

Career Goals: To be a traffic engineer and contribute my experience and knowledge in the field of traffic engineering.


Peidong Su (Ph.D. Graduate, May 2019)

Dissertation Title: Toxicity Characterization and Treatment of Stainless Steel Pickling Residue for Beneficial Uses

Area: Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Hazardous waste treatment; PFCs treatment; Fate and transportation of heavy metals; Synthesis of biochar and activated carbon.

Career Goals: Pursuit of excellence in environmental engineering with high integrity.