Master of Science in Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science offers a Master of Science in Computer Science. The curriculum is geared to 1) provide training for those preparing to enter fields where a substantial working knowledge of computing is required, 2) provide additional training to people already working in the field, and/or 3) prepare students for study at the doctoral level.

Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the MS in Computer Science program at Jackson State University are to graduate students who will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of Computer Science and a focused understanding of their area of expertise.
  2. Apply their knowledge and analytical skills to create effective and novel solutions to both practical and research problems.
  3. Adapt to rapidly changing technology and engage in life-long learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students receiving an MS degree in Computer Science should be able to:

  1. Describe concepts of computer architecture, operating systems, and programming.
  2. Apply mathematical foundations, computational theory, and algorithmic principles to solve computing problems.
  3. Turn complex programming specifications into well-designed and well-tested computer programs.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of current technologies, protocols, applications, and tools necessary for computing practice.
  5. Communicate effectively and work both collaboratively and independently.

Admission Requirements

In addition to satisfying the university requirements to enter graduate school, students must meet other specific requirements in order to be formally admitted to the Department of Computer Science program. Ideally, students will have a B.S. in Computer Science, or a related field, and at least the equivalent of the following courses:

CSC 118 – Programming Fundamentals

CSC 119 – Object-Oriented Programming

CSC 216 – Computer Architecture and Organization

CSC 225 – Discrete Structures

CSC 228 – Data Structures and Algorithms

CSC 325 – Operating Systems

EN 212 – Digital Logic

ENL 212 – Digital Logic Laboratory

BIO 111 – General Biology

CHEM 141 – General Chemistry

MATH 231 – Calculus I

MATH 232 – Calculus  II

MATH 355 – Probability and Statistics

PHY 211 – General Physics I

PHY 212 – General Physics II

Students who do not have the required background may be admitted as special students. These students must take specified courses to make up deficiencies and no credit toward the degree is awarded for courses prescribed to satisfy entrance requirements.

Graduate Courses and Degree Options

Immunization Requirements

All students admitted to Jackson State University are required to submit proof of having received two immunization shots for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) in order to complete registration for classes.

If an applicant has already been admitted and plans to attend the University as a first time student (undergraduate, graduate or transfer), he/she must submit a copy of the required immunization record to the University Health Center prior to registration for courses.

Students who have been admitted but do not submit the required immunization verification will be unable to complete registration for classes in the school’s computer enrollment system. Please see further immunization information at this link