Jackson State University (JSU) is designated by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education as a high research institution.   JSU’s commitment to undergraduate research has been instrumental in creating a successful undergraduate research environment that is focused on interdisciplinary research. Interdisciplinary research allows for diffusion of ideas, cross-trained researchers, the use of statistics, methodologies and the use of special equipment and techniques.  The interdisciplinary research across campus has addressed issues and problems of global dimension (health and disease, technological advances, social media, economic systems, art and culture, and societal dynamics).   
The Institute for Undergraduate Research has established the foundation for ensuring that the University maintains a campus culture that values and rewards undergraduate research.  It is our belief that the early undergraduate research exposure empowers students to become technologically advanced, diverse, ethical, global leaders who think critically, address societal problems, and compete effectively.  

The annual undergraduate research conference brings together the community of undergraduate scholars who are working with faculty mentors to conduct research.  As students are exposed to research in their projects, they begin to develop fluency in the language and concepts of the field through informal interactions and through formal presentations.  The intellectual stimulation brought by sharing ideas and research experiences deepens student’s academic pursuits. The students have for the first time, the opportunity to examine new ideas, ask new questions, solve unsolved problems, or develop new devices or processes.  Today’s conference includes oral presentations, panel discussions, a poster session and interactive sessions with more than 140 student presenters. 

Faculty mentors train the next generation of researchers and scholars.  JSU faculty mentors play a pivotal role by providing intellectual stimulation that results in the development of critical thinking and analytical skills.  Faculty mentors coach students to develop new ways to approach questions and encourages them to think and reflect on the research experience.  

The opening of CREATE within the H.T. Sampson Library has provided students and faculty researchers with the technology and support to explore, create and solve problems in a technology savvy space.  Additionally, CREATE enables users to complete their presentations and other academic and research oriented projects at JSU.       

All Colleges at JSU have faculty who are engaged in various research projects and research opportunities are available to all students.  

For additional information regarding research opportunities, please contact Mrs. Edna Caston at edna.e.caston@jsums.edu or 601-979-0839.


This activity is funded in Part by Title III.