Bursar-Student Accounts Receivable

Our mission is to provide quality customer service as we endeavor to maintain the University goal of “Challenging Minds, Changing Lives” for the entire campus community.

The Bursar-Student Accounts Receivables chief responsibility is the assessment and collection of student tuition and fees. The Bursar’s office is also responsible for:
1. Receiving Departmental Deposits;
2. Posting Payments to Student Accounts;
3. Preparing and making bank deposits;
4. 1098 Reporting;
5. Tuition calculations;
6. Title IV Funds;
7. Third Party Billing;
8. Student Refunds;
9. Supercard Collections;
10. Perkins Loan Application of Payments;
11. Collection of returned payments

We strive to exercise care to ensure that all transactions are necessary, reasonable and directly related to the goals and missions of the University.

To reach a Counselor by phone, dial (866) THEE-JSU or access the TIGER QUEUE.
Direct Deposit forms, questions and concerns are to be submitted by email at bursarcares@jsums.edu.

Mrs. Tysha T. Sutton
Interim Bursar
Email: tysha.t.sutton@jsums.edu

Ms. Frances Chapman
Student Accounts Receivable Counselor

Email: frances.d.chapman@jsums.edu

Ms. Veronica Simmons
Student Accounts Receivable Counselor

Email: veronica.m.simmons@jsums.edu

Mrs. Belvely McClendon

Ms. Latisha Martin

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Resources and Documents:

Tuition and Fees

Direct Deposit form(Student)

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Registration: January 5 – 7, 2022
Classes Begin: January 10, 2022
Late Fee of $150.00: January 10, 2022

Location: B.F. Roberts Hall, 2nd Floor
Phone: (601) 979-2216
Email: bursarcares@jsums.edu
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.